The Yellow Marker

Journey of a Bookworm


When Dreams Feel Real

American singer Ray Charles once said:
“Dreams, if they’re any good, are always a little bit crazy.”
A lot of the times i get lost in my dreams. Day dreamer,night dreamer? You name it. I have a very active imagination. It’s quite crazy to be honest.
I used to keep a dream journal but i gave up on it after about 9 months.I realized that was more than enough. Truth be told you want to remember only the good things.

It’s been about a year since i stopped my dream journal and in preparation for this speech i decided to flip through it and to take a trip down the memory lane. One of the last entries said: “I don’t know if i want to put my dreams on paper anymore. Lately some of the signs are worrying me.”
When i wrote that entry i was probably trapped in a circle of nightmares.For a vivid dreamer like myself remembering nightmares is the last thing you want to do.Try to imagine righ now what i’m about to say.In those 9 months while i kept my journal i was attacked by bears or a wolfs or aggresive cats, deal with countless snakes, fall from roller coasters in some very dark holes, get lost in the woods,get into car accidents,be in a helicopter that it’s about to explode,sleep on gravestones,be trapped in muddy dirty waters,stranded in the ocean while waves are crushing all around you. Witness the end of the world.Be stuck in a falling elevator, fall from the sky with my hat as a parachute. A hat as a parachute! It sounds like an action movie,isn’t it? I know what you’re thinking: That’s exciting. Not really. It’s very fun to remember it right now but it’s not that great to actually go through those experiences.Because i don’t feel like it’s a dream. Everything feels so real,so vivid and i feel my life is on the line all the time.
But despite all that,from all my dreams i hate the ones that carry a darker tone.It doesn’t have to be a nightmare specifically but maybe i see or hear some familiar faces,unsettling news,darker skies and when i finally wake up i know that something bad is going to happen. It’s those kind of premonitions i hate the most.You might think it’s better to be warned so i can prepare myself for what’s coming but in reality…oblivion is much more welcoming.
But then there are the unique dreams i was lucky enough to be a part of.Where all my senses are active and i can feel everything.Like the dreams in where i’m flying and the wind! The wind is in my face and my hair is flying back and that sound that only wind does…it feels so real.Or that dream where everything around me was ice and snow and it was so cold.I was lying on the ground on clear eyes and i was freezing.When i woke up i was curled in a fetal position under my blanket.Or the dream where a bullet hit me in the back and the pain,the pain was just spreading in my body like tree roots.It’s incredible to feel that in a dream.

I used to search for the meaning of my dreams but after a while i decided to stop reading into the future and let things just be.Every night when i go to sleep a new adventure is waiting for me.In that parallel,secret world- everything is possible!


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