Florida / December 2016

As long as i can remember, I’ve always had a fascination with the sky. I used to watch the planes flying above my head when i was a little child, hoping that one day i’ll be the lucky one to pass the security line at the airport and conquer the sky. But i didn’t want to stop at only familiarizing myself with the interior of an aircraft – I longed for the day when i would be able to see my feet dangling on top of the world and then gather up the courage to actually jump from one.

At the end of the day i got to the conclusion that courage was not something i needed as luckily it seems i have plenty of it.

I realized a little while ago that i have some kind of love – hate relationship with heights. I love heights up until the moment i find myself in a situation that puts my life in danger and then i wonder what the hell i’m doing. And then i look down again, and again, and again. The mix of temptation, fear, happiness, adrenaline and what if’s- all come together to create the sensation of Freedom.
That was exactly what i was feeling while looking at my feet dangling outside the plane at 14.000 ft., except Fear disappeared as soon as i looked down and realized how far away everything was and basically, if i needed to freak out, i’ll have plenty of time to do so. The interesting thing is that i never felt that i was in danger or that the parachute won’t open. It’s funny how the thought never crossed my mind.

The way up to the 14.000 ft. was the scary part as my mind was working a double shift being my friend and my enemy.

When i’m on the edge of feeling the adventure, there’s no time for second-guessing or going back – not that i would ever turn away from such an experience. The moment we left the airplane, we were in free-fall for about a minute or so.

Now let’s lay down the funny-ugly facts out there: I think they forgot to give us thermal clothing (on purpose probably) and now i was being hit by an incredible wave of cold air. I also failed to remember my ear pressure issue and now my ears were traveling in another universe. The universe of pain that is. So i’m thoroughly enjoying the world under me while secretly hoping that the free-fall will end soon so i could warm myself up and fix the pain that was being a huge nuisance during an important moment of my life.

I was surprised how skydiving wasn’t scary. Maybe because i went through the shock that Bungee gave me and falling from the sky from such a high altitude gave me more time to assess the situation. There was just the sense of freedom flowing through my veins ( and pain…and cold). When the parachute was finally released, i was overwhelmed by the silence of the world. Between sky and earth- everything is so quiet and peaceful. Birds are probably having a blast up there every day.

Jumping from an airplane is a must for all thrill-seekers. Major respect for those people who are doing it for a living, things don’t go as planned all of the time. Would i do it again? Maybe- but only bundled up in thermal clothing and chewing a gum or two to make that trip down more enjoyable.


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