November 2015, Highway 97, Vancouver- Stepping into a Nature’s Painting

“Left or Right”?

“What are you doing, start the car!”

“Left or Right?”

We are in the middle of nowhere, on a deserted highway that opens up to form 2 roads.

“Right” i blurt out hoping that my daredevil friend will resume his driving as fast as possible after coming to a complete stop, in the middle of a conversation, without a heads up first.

It’s a warm and sunny November day and we took the instant decision to start driving where our eyes will take us, in any direction the wind blows. It’s never a bad time for an adventure. In this moment, i don’t have to worry about yesterday or tomorrow. No place to rush to, no things to do. It’s just me with a friend, with music in the background, great conversation and completely new surroundings.

Did you ever think about waking up one morning, jump into the car and start driving anywhere? A spontaneous decisions can guide you to incredible places. No expectations, no plans. Pure Freedom.

We ended up on the shore of an unknown lake and we woke up next day to this:

sam_2722Morning view on my spontaneous getaway.

Definition of  Perfect Timing. A single day later and things would’ve turned differently. Instead i felt like little Lucy in the Chronicles of Narnia.Went to sleep in summer and woke up in winter. I found the magic closet, in an unknown land and trespassed into another world.

Like i said- on an unplanned getaway- you never know what you’ll encounter.