Cliffhanger Climbing Gyms, Vancouver / November 2016

I wanted to do rock climbing for a long time. Maybe my desire for this sport was strictly connected to my love-hate for heights or the desire to climb everything i possibly could.I forgot to take into consideration the flu shot i was about to have 1 hour before my planned indoor climbing work out.

First impressions about rock climbing: The place is cold, the walls are high and my mind is flying  to the idea of attending one of the gym’s courses for outside rock climbing  when Vancouver weather will finally come back to normal- that is in the far future of summer time. I guess i have to learn first how to walk properly before going into something else.

Rock climbing gives you a great upper and lower body work-out. For girls, keep the nails short so your grip on some annoying rocks will be stronger. I warmed up on my way up so the problem of the gym being to cold fixed itself almost immediately. Two hours in-my left hand was numb but as usual i would ignore it and keep moving up. Flu shot, sore hand- what does it matter when i’m climbing for the very first time? I will have plenty of time to recover. That’s what i get when stubbornness gets in the way.

I had 5 walls to climb on and i got tired of them very fast as the route becomes too familiar. In order to use the rest of the gym you need a partner and a course you should pass with flying colors that will teach you about belaying techniques and (more)safety. This sounds exciting just writing about it. All in all- a great experience you shouldn’t pass on!