Whitehorse, Yukon Territory, December 2015 

Ah the cold! I’m not quite sure how i ended up in Yukon in the middle of December just in time for the coldest day of the year. But the goal was fixed- I wanted to see the majestic Northern Lights. Little did i know that i would have to actually chase them and hope that they will make their presence known during my short 5 day trip. Luck was on my side as i finally caught a glimpse of them on a freezing Sunday night, the last evening spent in Whitehorse before boarding my flight a couple of hours later.

Truth be told i was close to having hypothermia so i didn’t have my “amazement” factor at the levels i was supposed to have. Yukon is cold. It’s so cold your hair turns white and it’s hard to breathe or speak. If it’s already 11pm, things turn a little bit more difficult. So there i was in my wrong choice of winter boots staring at the night sky, piercing the darkness of space looking for light. Minutes tick and go by and suddenly a fainted green line appears on the horizon. The line starts moving around, changing places and forming new shapes. I am actually seeing The Northern Lights. The trip’s goal is reached and i couldn’t feel happier.

The Northern Lights are definitely bucket list material. Whether it’s in Canada or some place in Europe, it’s all worth it to travel there and chase these wonders of the universe!