Wedgemount Lake,Vancouver /August 2016

I’m not sure how many times i wanted to give up on this hike. When i found out it was a Difficult level hike it was too late for me to back down. So i decide to roll up my sleeves, save the water and climb up. Literally UP. 7km of UP-ness on a Stairway to Heaven.Did i mention i hate stairs? We met a couple of hikers on their way down and one of them reassured me that there is flat terrain ahead. Just the thought that my pain will somewhat ┬átake a break in the near-unforeseen future gave me the strength to move forward (i mean Up). But the minutes were ticking, the dirt was covering my legs and yet no sign of flat earth. It was like getting lost in a dessert desperately looking for water in the distance.

And then the clapping began. Oh the clapping! Two hikers well ahead of us were using this technique to scare the bears away. the BEARS!! I’ve never see one in the wild and sure i didn’t wish to meet one while my cardio was at my worst. For the fact that i actually made it to the top, full credit goes to the fluffy bears that were potentially hiding in the shadows. No joking. For half of the hike i was more scared than tired.

But then all the pain is paid off in the end, isn’t it?

“The hike to Wedgemount Lake is one of the most difficult in Garibaldi Provincial Park, with an elevation gain of more than 1100 meters in just 7km. However, the spectacular alpine scenery makes the grueling trek well worth it.”

It is indeed a spectacular view. A place where the warmth of the sun meets the coldness of the ice. Where the opaque water is just a couple miles away from a glacier. Where the heat and the cold goes through you in a matter of seconds. Peaceful, quiet, refreshing, beautiful.

I have to admit i felt quite proud when i made it back to lower level ground all beat up and tired. I managed to fight against my mind and against my body to complete a difficult hike. Achievement unlocked!