UPDATED: Whistler, Vancouver/  June 2015

“Jumping isn’t scary. The fact that you don’t feel the ground under your feet fast enough is scary.”

When i was 17 years old i sat down and wrote on a piece of paper the  “Things i want to do in my life”. Looking at that smudged paper years later i realized that Bungee Jumping was on the very bottom of the list. The last thing i decided to write down. Maybe because the idea seemed so distant and far away that i never dared to imagine that i’ll get the chance to jump from the edge of an actual bridge. The saying is true : “Never say Never”.

Flashback to June 2015 that now seems like a very long time ago. While I was going through a difficult time in my life  i reached the conclusion that i had to do something out of the ordinary to snap me out of the mundane life i was living. That’s how i found myself on a bus that was taking me to Whistler. My mind was made up – I was going to do Bungee Jumping!

Excitement and bravery filled my heart. I was a soldier ready for the battle, I was ready to do it…except i had a change of heart the moment i stepped out on that bridge and looked down for the very first time.

What the hell am i doing Nr. 1

The bridge in Whistler has tiny holes in it so you can see the river 300 feet below while walking on it.

What the hell am i doing Nr. 2 

The instructors there are absolutely incredible. Fast movements, words of encouragement all the way through, things move so fast you don’t even have time to process what’s going on around you.

What the hell am i doing Nr. 3

Suddenly  i find myself on the edge of the bridge looking at the unforgiving river bellow. It’s scary and terrifying and my mind is overflowing with questions – Can i really do this? What am i doing here? Can i go back now? No.I can’t!  Going back is not something i do.       I have to do it. I want to do it! But i’m terrified out of my mind. The man behind me checks my straps and adjusts my legs on the edge of the bridge.
“Look up, he says.”
Why would i look up?  I’m about to drop to the ground like a rock.
“Jump at 1” he continues while starting the count-down.
This is the scariest moment of my life, i’m about to die here, how can i be ready for this?

I keep my hands spread in to the air and i hear the count-down in slow motion. 3….2…. I make up my mind at 2: If i don’t jump now.. i won’t be able to do it.


It’s now or never. I close my eyes and lift my feet in the air….and there goes my heart right at the bottom of my stomach.
Over the course of a few seconds there are a mix of things going on inside me: My conscious mind checked out of the building and was staying on the side as a witness of the new events going on inside my head. At first i was confused because i felt i was falling forever. My last thought before the cord made it’s presence known was as clear as water:

“Oh my, i’m not attached to anything.”

I didn’t feel the heavy cord while falling. I came back to my senses when i was bouncing up and down and finally came to an almost complete stop above the water. Tired, teary eyed, refreshed. I realized then that my body will automatically release tears in an unexpected, life threatening event. I was dangling on that cord, above the water…looking at the beautiful nature around me and i felt so happy. Incredibly happy for overcoming this jump, for jumping at the perfect time, for not second guessing my actions. It felt like i just did a complete body reset, like i found my On and Off Switch.

I was still shaking for the rest of the day but that jump made me discover parts of my mind i never knew existed.
It’s been almost 2 years from that Whistler trip but what I’ve experienced during the jump still feels so real inside my head. Every single second is imprinted inside me and it became a truly unforgettable experience.

Would i do bungee again? Absolutely. Yes. Yes. Yes. I’m not sure if i’ll ever be tired of it!